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SUNDAYS: APRIL 23, 30 & MAY 7, 14
FROM 2:00 - 3:00PM

For six students, ages 9-13

Ever wonder what the bad guys or girls in movies and books are thinking about? Or what their side of the story might be? What brought these wretched souls to their evil ways and is there a chance to save them or will they head down the evil path forever? This four-session workshop will allow young writers to invent their own villains, witches, mad scientists, criminals, monsters, evil aliens, or any bad guy they wish, and tell their unique stories. Heroes and heroines will take a back seat for once and let their arch-enemies finally have a say in this workshop, and by the end of it, students will have a finished copy of their book to take home.

This workshop is free of charge.

Register for this workshop here or by calling 702-550-6399.

Earlier Event: April 1
Later Event: May 6